Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Whose Fault Is The Oil Spill?

I feel bad for the British Petroleum executives who testified before Congress. Obviously they feel just terrible about the big mess they have made in the Gulf of Mexico, which is why they are trying to blame somebody else. It reminds me of the time my brother Yankel's goat Shmuelik relieved himself in the doorway of the synagogue.

"Yankel, clean up this mess immediately!" Rabbi Itzik demanded.

"But rabbi, it's not my fault," Yankel pleaded.

"Oh? And whose fault is it then?"

"It's the fault of Breindel, the wife of my neighbor Abie the Fishman."

Rabbi Itzik frowned and rubbed his chin. "Oh? And how's that?"

"Shmuelik wandered into their yard because they've never fixed the fence and ate Breindel's panties, which were hanging on the clothesline drying. They upset the poor beast's stomach!"

I hope for the poor BP executives' sake that their argument is as successful as Yankel's. To this day we have to step around the goat mess when we go to pray, since the Beth Din (the local religious court) has yet to rule on who should clean it up.

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