Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Blogging From Chelm

Sholom aleichem from Chelm, that famous city of the wisest of all wise Jews. I am Reb Mordechai Ben-Chaim (reb means mister and not rabbi). I was born in Chelm and have lived here all my life, and as such, I partake in my humble share of my town's great wisdom.

So what, you may ask, am I doing on the great World Wide Cobweb? Well, I had a vision last night when I was bringing back water from the well, and I tripped over a pebble and hit my head on a stone, that our town's wisdom should be shared with the world. This was a challenge, indeed. Although our town is very computer-savvy, with a laptop in every home, most of these are carved out of wood by our master carpenter Reb Eggsacto, so people tend to simply sit and stare at them, although I am told this is not so very different from what people outside of Chelm do with their laptops. We do have a few "real" computers, but as our town has yet to be electrified these don't work very well either. Still, we are conscious of computer hygiene in our town, and we all diligently cover our computers every night so they won't catch cold and come down with a virus.

There was great excitement but also some concern when I told everybody I was starting a blog. "I know all about blogs. They can be dangerous," Rabbi Itzik warned me, shaking his finger in my direction. "My brother-in-law Moishe drowned in a blog when he went out to harvest cranberries. So be careful, young man!"

And so I shall be.

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