Monday, May 17, 2010

Chomsky barred from the West Bank? Gevalt!

With the apostate Noam Chomsky barred from spreading his lies at Bir Zeit "Terrorist U" University on the West Bank by an Israeli Interior Ministry official who refused him entry from Jordan, one must ask who has the greater share of Chelm-style wisdom: the veteran traitor to the Jewish people, or the bureaucratic lunkheads in Jerusalem who seemed to think that Chomsky's lies are powerful enough to threaten the Jewish state.

Supporters of totalitarianism like Chomsky delight in putting democracies on the spot in this way, so that they can pose as victims and sneer that freedom of speech is a sham. At eighty-one, Chomsky is getting a bit long in the tooth for his adolescent rebellion against his father, the noted Zionist and Hebrew grammarian William Chomsky. We in Chelm can only bow down before the genuine wisdom of Chomsky père, and trust in the Rock of Israel that like Balaam, the attempts of Chomsky fils to curse the House of Israel will be turned to blessings.

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