Tuesday, June 8, 2010

There's A Hole In Your Pocket

We in Chelm greatly appreciate Michael Chabon's mentioning us in the New York Times, but we are not quite sure that his disquisition on Jewish stupidity was completely correct.

I myself went to Pinya the Philosopher with my copy of the Times (which was a little muddy after having been trampled under the feet of my donkey, Blau), and read him the following insight of Chabon's: "A stupid Jew is like a hole in the pocket of your pants, there every time you put them on, always forgotten until the instant your quarters run clattering across the floor."

"Brilliant, isn't it, Pinya?" I asked.

Pinya sniffed. "I don't know about that," he said. "Has Professor Chabon conducted a scientific experiment to confirm this hypothesis of his?"

I had to admit that I didn't know.

"All of my pants have holes in them," Pinya pointed out, "and yet I never lose a single kopeck, much less one of these 'quarters' of the professor's. And do you know why?"

"No, why?"

"Why what?" I had to remind Pinya of what we were talking about. He's a little absent-minded.

"Oh yes," he said proudly. "I never lose a single kopeck, because I never have any money!"

We in Chelm are delighted to see that the rest of the world is following Pinya's lead in this regard.

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