Monday, June 7, 2010

The Face That Launched A Thousand Feigned Expressions of Outrage

No, no, no, Helen. You can't say that "the Jews should get the hell out of Palestine." That's so gauche! For one thing, you actually used the J word. That you must not do. Now, if you had said "the Zionists should get the hell out of Palestine," it would have been absolutely unexceptionable--and as a bonus, if any of those damn, uh, occupiers had had the chutzpah (their word) to complain, you could have accused them of attempting to silence anyone who dares voice criticism of Israel. And lots of those occupiers would have been foolish enough to leap to your defense.

And saying that those occupiers should go back to Germany and Poland? C'mon, you can't scare those poor Germans and Poles like that. Unless you're speaking in Arabic.

It is for ripping the mask off "polite" hatred of Israel, Helen, that you are awarded The Order Of The Senile Old Coot. Er, boot.

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